It is highly likely that part of your tenancy agreement says that you should leave the house in the condition you found it. The moving in inventory report shows what state the house was in when you moved in and the landlord uses it to compare the state of the house at the end of your tenancy. The best way of restoring the house is by engaging a professional after tenancy cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning of the house. There are very good reasons for this:

Professional job

A cleaning service will have handled different cleaning situations and are experienced in handling different types of dirt. The cleaning service will also have the necessary manpower, tools, equipment and cleaning materials for a comprehensive job. If your floor is badly stained, it would only be advisable to engage a professional cleaner who has access to industrial bleach and other cleaning materials.

Timely work

You set a timeline when you sign the cleaning contract and the cleaning service is bound by the time limits indicated. The work will be done in a quicker and more efficient manner than you would have done it, even with an extra hand from the kids.

Difficult to clean items

Some items in the house are a headache to clean, for example, the sofa or mattresses. These items are bulky and require special handling. A cleaning service will handle these items and leave them in a satisfactorily clean state.  The upholstery will be vacuumed and steam washed if need be.


A thorough cleaning is likely to yield a load of debris. You need to dispose of this safely and as by the law. A cleaning service takes away the headache of searching for a disposal van and the permits needed to handle and dump the waste. This is convenient and leaves you to handle other matters of moving houses.


You will need to move items during through cleaning so that you can get to hard-to-reach places like the back of a cupboard. This comes with the risk of items dropping and getting broken or damaged. A cleaning service is covered by insurance meaning that any items damaged during cleaning will be reimbursed or repaired. This is better than taking on these risks.


Cleaning will produce dust and mould into the air. These health hazards are likely to trigger allergic reactions in sensitive members of the family. To avoid getting exposed to these health risks, hire and end of tenancy cleaning service.