What Types of Massage Can you Get at British Spas?

What Types of Massage Can you Get at British Spas?

Massage uses physical contact to heal, revive and relax the body. The physical contact can be done by warming, rolling, kneading, pressing and stroking the skin and the muscles underneath. The aim of having a massage is to soothe and relax the muscles as well as improve the working of the nerves for better response and coordination.

A massage works by:

  • Relaxing and refreshing knotted and tired muscles
  • Improving circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid to distribute oxygen, immune cells and nutrients in the body’s organs
  • Stimulating production of hormones like endorphins as a reaction to the stimulation.

There are different types of massages offered in deferent British Spas

  • Thai massage

This kind of massage is done using stimulation of the body’s pressure points, stretching and compression of muscles in a rhythmic motion. The masseuse uses her feet, hands, forearms and elbows to do the massage. Unlike western massage which is done directly on the skin, Thai massage is done while the client is clothed.

  • Indian head massage

This massage applies acupressure on the face, neck, head and shoulders. It aims at stimulating the seven chakras (paths of energy) in the body.  The masseuse uses different deep massage techniques to work on these body parts with an aim to improve circulation of blood, oxygen and lymph fluid to the upper body.

  • Lomi Lomi massage

This massage originates in Hawaii. It is also known as the ‘loving hands massage.’ The masseuse uses continuous flowing strokes using nut oils as lubrication. It is unique in that it involves prayers, chanting, breathing and dancing all done to soothe the body and improve energy levels.

  • Sports or muscular massage

This massage focuses on specific muscles depending on the sport that an athlete is involved in. this kind of massage targets the deeper skeletal muscles. This massage is used to remedy sports injuries assisting faster healing and better performance in athletes.

  • Hot stone massage

This kind of massage uses cold and heat stones to improve detoxification and healing processes. The masseuse uses alternate cold and hot stones that are coated with fragrant oils. The masseuse also applies hand strokes to work deeply on the tissues.

  • Shiatsu massage

This Japanese massage combines western and eastern massage techniques. It translates into ‘finger pressure.’ The masseuse uses fingers as well as feet, elbows and knees to apply the pressure.

  • Swedish massage

This is the classic western massage. The masseuse uses a variety of techniques including kneading, pounding, stroking, tapping, gliding, and rubbing. This kind of massage is often used to relax the whole body.